How to Choose the Right Business Name and Brand for Your Company

how to choose the right business name

Coming up with the perfect business name and brand is one of the most important steps when starting a new company. Your business name and brand identity will make a first impression on customers, communicate what your company does, and represent your brand for years to come. Follow these tips to choose a name and create a brand that resonates with your target audience.

Do your research

Before settling on a business name, thoroughly research the market, competitors, and category you are entering. Look at what names and brands already exist and what makes them successful or not. This will help you find a name that stands out and avoid unintentionally copying another company’s name or branding.

Brainstorm extensively

Come up with a large pool of potential names for your business. Brainstorm different words and combinations that could relate to your industry, products, services, values, mission, or location. Think creatively and outside the box. Don’t limit yourself at this early stage – the goal is to have many options to choose from.

Focus your name on your goals

Keep your target customers and business goals at the front of your mind as you brainstorm names. Choose keywords and phrases in your name that speak to what your company provides and makes it searchable for potential customers. The name should match the brand image you want to project. This should form part of your business plan too.

Check domain name availability

Thoroughly research any names you are considering to see if the domain name is available for purchase. Even if a domain name is taken, slight variations like using instead of .com may be available. Finding an available matching domain is ideal for your brand and also your SEO as you will want to target specific keywords.

Do a trademark search

It is important to search the UK Trade Marks Register to make sure the names you are considering choosing are not trademarked. This can prevent potential legal issues down the road. Work with professionals if needed to determine trademark conflicts.

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Consider the “say it, spell it” test

Say your potential business name out loud. Does it sound powerful and stand out? Next, spell out the name. Is it overly complex or prone to being misspelled? Aim for a name that sounds great when spoken and is easy to spell correctly. You want customers to find you easily online so avoid overly long names or words that are difficult to spell. 

Stay clear of trends

While you want your business name to sound fresh, avoid naming trends that could date your brand or fade quickly. Inventing new words or spellings may not stand the test of time. Choose a name with longevity as you want your company to last. Don’t get caught up with the latest fads when choosing your business name.

Check for multiple meanings

Do a thorough search online to see if your potential business name means something else or has urban dictionary definitions you weren’t aware of.  You want to avoid unintended meanings as that could pose problems or cause damage to your company reputation before its even started.

Use a tagline

If the available domain names for your perfect business name are already in use, you can pair the name with a unique tagline during branding to make it identifiable. For example, may be taken, but – Quality Tech from Around the UK works.

Partner with a brand strategist

If you are feeling stuck on the naming process, partner with a brand strategist or agency that specializes in naming. They can facilitate brainstorming sessions, do the necessary research, and lend an outside perspective to find the right name for your brand. For startups with alot of cash available, this is an excellent option. For those of you trying to save on costs, hiring an expensive agency may be too much. I recommend using AI software like for getting ideas. They may not be as proficient as a specialist agency, but at least its free!

Give it time

Don’t feel rushed to come up with your business name overnight. Let the process take time to find a name you genuinely love and connect with. Once you select it, your brand name will be one of your company’s most valuable assets.

Choosing a strong, memorable business name and branding sets your company up for success from launch. Keep these tips in mind to develop a name and identity that achieves your goals and showcases what makes your brand special in the market. With creativity and strategic thinking, you will find the perfect fit.

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