delegating in small business, teams meeting

Delegating in Small Business & Learning to Let Go

One of the big challenges owners of small business have is learning to let go of tasks. But delegation is a cornerstone of successful small business management, allowing owners to…

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cashflow management small business owners

Small Business Cash Flow Management Tips

For any small business, maintaining healthy cash flow is crucial to success and survival. With tight profit margins the norm for most SMEs, ensuring a consistent stream of working capital…

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recurring revenue for small business

The Critical Role of Recurring Revenue for Small Business

For small and growing companies, reliable revenue streams are vital to ensure stability and enable smarter planning for the future. But too often, small businesses rely solely on one-time sales…

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man holding contingency plan

How to Create a Contingency Plan for Your Small Business

Having a contingency plan in place provides critical benefits for small businesses. That’s why it’s so important to invest the time upfront into developing a detailed plan for handling unexpected…

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remote hiring

The Pros and Cons of Remote Hiring for Small Businesses

Since 2020, remote work has become commonplace for companies large and small. With digital connectivity and cloud software enabling employees to work from anywhere, many small businesses in the UK…

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How Keeping a Blog Helps Boost your Small Business

Having a company blog is a great way for small businesses in the UK to build their brand and grow their audience online. While social media is an important marketing…

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business meeting

Strategies for Improving Staff Turnover

High staff turnover can be a significant challenge for small businesses, impacting productivity, morale, and overall company success. To foster a stable and motivated workforce, it’s crucial to implement effective…

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Mentoring Apprentices for Maximum Business Impact

With intense competition and economic uncertainty, UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need creative, cost-effective strategies to survive and grow. Many businesses have turned to government-backed apprenticeship programs to fill…

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cost of meetings

Calculating the Cost of Your Company’s Meeting Culture

Meetings provide necessary time for teams to align, collaborate, and make decisions. However, excessive and ineffective meetings can significantly drain productivity and resources at a company. While the indirect costs…

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The Advantages of Pop Up Shops for Small Businesses in the UK

Pop up shops have exploded in popularity in recent years haven’t they?  They provide a low-risk way for startups and small businesses to experiment with short-term physical retail spaces. If…

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outsource payroll

Should I Outsource Payroll for My Small Business?

There comes a time for most small business owners when they have to decide whether to outsource their payroll needs. As with most business decisions, there are pros and cons….

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being VAT registered

The Pros and Cons of Being VAT Registered

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on the sale of goods and services in the UK. While being VAT registered comes with admin responsibilities, it can also give your…

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